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I have spent the last decade defending people charged with a variety of criminal offences, from first degree murder to simple assault; from importing kilos of cocaine to possessing a small baggie for personal use. Every case gets the same level of attention and every client is treated with the respect they deserve.

Today, I focus on high risk criminal litigation: homicide offences, the commercial drug trade, illegal firearm use and possession, and serious acts of violence. From Bail Hearing to Charter Application to Jury Trial, the goal is to ensure that you don’t get stuck in the trap of the Criminal Justice System.

It is a trap, designed to keep people stuck in place by detention orders and plea deals that guarantee a criminal record. I pride myself on never taking the easy way out. If there is a defence to advance, then it is pursued. And while it is impossible to predict a result, I always promise a fight.

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Recent Success

R.v. S.K | 2022 | Branford


Possession for the purpose of trafficking fentanyl, cocaine, crack, meth, and Percocets


This client came to me after another lawyer wanted him to take a plea deal for 8-10 years.  After completing the preliminary hearing that the other lawyer started, I filed a Charter Application challenging the illegal search and seizure of a backpack that police found in a car, containing all of the drugs along with my client’s wallet.  Before we could even argue the Motion, the Crown withdrew the charges.