I have spent the last decade defending people charged with a variety of criminal offences, from first degree murder to simple assault; from importing kilos of cocaine to possessing a small baggie for personal use.  Every case gets the same level of attention and every client is treated with the respect they deserve. Today, I focus on high risk criminal litigation: homicide offences, the commercial drug trade, illegal firearm use and possession, and serious acts of violence. From Bail Hearing to Charter Application to Jury Trial, the goal is to ensure that you don’t get stuck in the trap of the Criminal Justice System. It is a trap, designed to keep people stuck in place by detention orders and plea deals that guarantee a criminal record. I pride myself on never taking the easy way out. If there is a defence to advance, then it is pursued. And while it is impossible to predict a result, I always promise a fight.



"Former homeless teenager and high school dropout, now criminal lawyer Jordana Goldlist asks the question: who judges the Judge? Would we honour those in high positions of power if we knew their story? Would we continue to judge criminals for their mistakes if others were to judge us for ours? This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community."



Check out my latest podcast, hosted by Paul M Copper. Paul has a long-standing commitment of making continuing legal education accessible for everyone.

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Check out my interview with Sean Robichaud about my story of surviving on the street as a youth, to the hard work of becoming a lawyer and my contribution back to society.

THE RYAN HOLTZ SHOW PODCAST                         EP. 91

"Jordana Goldlist, esteemed Toronto Criminal Defense Lawyer drops by the show to talk about being motivated by dreams or mistakes. As many of you have been following the show, Jordana is a regular guest, but also a contributor and sponsor. Jordana’s expertise is second to none in her field of practice. What makes Jordana so unique is her background and come up. Jordana struggled with addiction and was the very clients she now represents. Jordana will be coming on the show to bestow her wisdom, not only in life and success, but also in the practice of criminal law."




R. v. J.S.


Charge: First Degree Murder.

Result: The crown accepted a plea to manslaughter after we filed an 11b/s.7 application for the failure of the system to try J.S. in a reasonable time when COVID-19 forced the trial to be adjourned. This allowed J.S. to avoid the life sentence he was facing for fatally shooting the victim hours after threatening to shoot him in the face. Sentenced to 9 years and 4 months after credit for pre-sentence custody.

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