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Jordana H. Goldlist is a member of the Law Society of Ontario, Criminal Lawyers Association, Toronto Lawyers Association, and the Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights.

She attended York University from 2000 to 2004 on an academic scholarship, earning an Honours Degree in Philosophy on the Dean’s List. In 2007, she graduated from Osgoode Hall Law School and became licensed to practise by the Law Society of Upper Canada the following year.

Jordana’s legal career began as a civil litigator at Landy Marr Kats LLP. While civil litigation taught her how to strategize, her passion was focused on criminal law.

In 2010, Jordana joined Edward H. Royle Associates which was then a new firm of only five lawyers. On her third day at the firm, she was handed her first criminal case: a client charged with importing half a kilogram of cocaine into Canada. Jordana spent the next five years representing clients charged with a vast array of criminal offences, from bail hearings to the completion of trials, with great success.

All the while, Jordana was building up her own practice and in 2015, she left the firm to start her own practice: JHG Criminal Law. Her focus today is on high-risk criminal litigation: people charged with homicide offences, commercial drug crimes, firearm offences, and serious violence. As always, Jordana ensures that her clients receive the best defence possible, from bail hearing to trial.

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Madalyn discovered that she wanted to be a criminal defence lawyer at 16 years old, when she observed a criminal trial during a high school field trip. She immediately knew that she wanted to be the person standing beside the accused, defending them against the force of the state.

Madalyn attended York University where she earned an Honours Degree in Criminology and graduated on the Dean’s List. Over those four years, she mentored high school students in the Jane and Finch community and volunteered at a local criminal law firm where she was exposed to her first murder trial. In 2018, she graduated with her Juris Doctor from the University of Windsor.

Before joining JHG Criminal Law, Madalyn articled at Doucette Furgiuele Ruffo, an established criminal defence firm in Toronto with a focus on appeals. This experience proved to her the importance of providing clients with the best defence at trial, since appeals are often unsuccessful.

Madalyn is passionate about the constitutional right to be free from state interference and is dedicated to ensuring that the police are held to the standards required by our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. She looks forward to representing clients who have been subjected to illegal arrests and searches, and ensuring their rights are advanced at trial.

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Lindsay has been passionate about criminal law from an early age, and she quickly discovered she could turn this passion into a career.

Lindsay graduated with distinction from Western University with an honours specialization degree in criminology. She then went on to receive her Juris Doctor from Western University where she specialized her studies in criminal, constitutional, and regulatory law.

During her time at law school, Lindsay worked as a case worker at Community Legal Services where she gained valuable experience in client advocacy by providing legal services to clients charged with criminal offences.

Prior to joining the team at JHG criminal law as an articling student, Lindsay worked as a summer student at another defence firm and the Crown Attorney’s office. These experiences provided her with insight into the various roles within the criminal justice system and how to properly plan an effective defence for clients.

Lindsay believes that anyone charged with a criminal offence deserves the opportunity to present a strong and vigorous defence.

Lindsay is a member of the Law Society of Ontario and the Criminal Lawyers’ Association.

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Francesco has been passionate about criminal law since childhood and firmly believes in justice and protection for the vulnerable. As a young boy raised in Italy, he was brought up in a place where crime was an everyday occurance. He will never forget the time he witnessed his classmate be accused of a crime they did not commit due to simply having been in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

Even then, Francesco knew that the balance of power between individuals and the state was unjust. He believed the accused was innocent and deserved to be protected. So, he went on to study Law at The University of Salerno in Italy before studying forensics internationally with a focus on criminal defence. ​Francesco earned his Masters Degree in Corporate Criminal Law and then opened his own law firm back in Salerno.

Ever since, Francesco’s mission has been to defend vulnerable and misunderstood individuals from injustices brought forth by the criminal justice system. He has dealt extensively with criminal offences related to technology, including but not limited to: cybercrime, revenge porn, stalking, and cryptocurrency.

Francesco currently focusses on numerous facets of crime at JHG Criminal Law and uses his profound knowledge to defend good people in cases surrounding drugs, weapons, sex offences, white-collar crime, building or construction violations, and urban accidents.